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Name Code Type
ANTH1001: Introduction to Material Culture ANTH1001 Module
ANTH1005: Introductory Social Anthropology ANTH1005 Module
ANTH1010: Researching the Social World ANTH1010 Module
ANTH1013: Methods and Techniques in Biological Anthropology ANTH1013 Module
ANTH1014: Introduction to Biological Anthropology ANTH1014 Module
ANTH2003: Palaeoanthropology ANTH2003 Module
ANTH2006: Theoretical Perspectives in Social Anthropology ANTH2006 Module
ANTH2007: The Anthropology of Kinship ANTH2007 Module
ANTH2008: Being Human ANTH2008 Module
ANTH3001: Advanced Topics in Digital Culture ANTH3001 Module
ANTH3004: Cosmos, Society and the Political Imagination ANTH3004 Module
ANTH3005: Hunter-Gatherers Past, Present and Future ANTH3005 Module
ANTH3007: Medical anthropology ANTH3007 Module
ANTH3012: The Study of Western Industrial Societies ANTH3012 Module
ANTH3017: Anthropology and Psychiatry ANTH3017 Module
ANTH3020: Social Construction of Landscapes ANTH3020 Module
ANTH3028: Language, Gender and Culture ANTH3028 Module
ANTH3030: The Anthropology of Nationalism, Ethnicity and Race ANTH3030 Module
ANTH3031: Ethnographic Film (Theory) ANTH3031 Module
ANTH3036: Anthropology for Medical Students ANTH3036 Module
ANTH3037: Anthropology and photography ANTH3037 Module
ANTH3040: Human Sciences Seminar Project ANTH3040 Module
ANTH3048: Individual Studies in Anthropology ANTH3048 Module
ANTH3049: Reproduction, Fertility and Sex ANTH3049 Module
ANTH3050: Evolution and Human Behaviour ANTH3050 Module
ANTH3051: Medical Anthropology and Primary Care ANTH3051 Module
ANTH3052: Primate Evolution and Environments ANTH3052 Module
ANTH3053: Temporality, Consciousness and Everyday Life ANTH3053 Module
ANTH3055: Transforming and Creating the World: Anthropological Perspectives on Techniques and Technology ANTH3055 Module
ANTH3060: Anthropologies of Islam ANTH3060 Module
ANTH7002: Political and Economic Anthropology ANTH7002 Module
ANTH7004: Anthropology of Art and Design ANTH7004 Module
ANTH7005: Population Studies ANTH7005 Module
ANTH7006: Religion, Cosmology and Wellbeing ANTH7006 Module
ANTH7008: Man and Animals ANTH7008 Module
ANTH7009: Primate Behaviour and Ecology ANTH7009 Module
ANTH7015: Fishers and Fisheries Anthropology, Aquatic Resources and Development ANTH7015 Module
ANTH7016: Applied Individual Studies in Anthropology ANTH7016 Module
ANTH7017: Anthropology of the Mind ANTH7017 Module
ANTH7019: Communication and Culture ANTH7019 Module
ANTH7020: Anthropologies of Science, Society and Biomedicine ANTH7020 Module
ANTH7021: Mass consumption and design ANTH7021 Module
ANTH7024: From Classification to Contact Zones: Museums and Anthropology into the digital age ANTH7024 Module
ANTH7025: Material and Visual Cultures of South Asia ANTH7025 Module
ANTH7026: Anthropology of China ANTH7026 Module
ANTHGC01: Critical Issues (Core Course) ANTHGC01 Module
ANTHGC09: Anthropology and photography ANTHGC09 Module
ANTHGC10: Transforming and Creating the World: Anthropological Perspectives on Techniques and Technology ANTHGC10 Module
ANTHGC12: Anthropology of the Built Environment ANTHGC12 Module
ANTHGC13: Anthropology of art and design ANTHGC13 Module
ANTHGC19: Colonial and Post-Colonial Visual Culture: Christopher Pinney ANTHGC19 Module
ANTHGC21: Social Construction of Landscapes ANTHGC21 Module
ANTHGC25: Advanced Topics in Digital Culture ANTHGC25 Module
ANTHGC26: From Classification to Contact Zones: Museums and Anthropology into the digital age ANTHGC26 Module
ANTHGC27: Material and Visual Cultures of South Asia ANTHGC27 Module
ANTHGD01: Medical Anthropology ANTHGD01 Module
ANTHGD10: Anthropologies of Science, Society and Biomedicine ANTHGD10 Module
ANTHGD21: Ritual Healing and Therapeutic Emplotment ANTHGD21 Module
ANTHGD22: Anthropology of Ethics and Morality ANTHGD22 Module
ANTHGD23: Reproduction, Sex and Sexuality ANTHGD23 Module
ANTHGE02: Ecology of Human Groups ANTHGE02 Module
ANTHGE03: Population and Development ANTHGE03 Module
ANTHGE05: Resource Use and Impacts ANTHGE05 Module
ANTHGE06: Anthropology of Development ANTHGE06 Module
ANTHGH02: Advanced Human Evolution ANTHGH02 Module
ANTHGH17: Primate Evolution ANTHGH17 Module
ANTHGM01: Digital Anthropology ANTHGM01 Module
ANTHGM03: Anthropology of Social Media ANTHGM03 Module
ANTHGR05: Method in Ethnography ANTHGR05 Module
ANTHGS02: Critical Issues ANTHGS02 Module
ANTHGS03: Risk, power and uncertainty ANTHGS03 Module
ANTHGS16: The Anthropology of Nationalism, Ethnicity and Race ANTHGS16 Module
ANTHGS27: Alternative & Ritual Economies ANTHGS27 Module
ANTHGS28: Anthropology of China ANTHGS28 Module
ANTHGT01: Culture, Material and Design ANTHGT01 Module
ANTHGT03: Mass consumption and design ANTHGT03 Module
ANTHMETH: Anthropological Methods ANTHMETH Module

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