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Name Code Type
COMP1001: Computer Architecture COMP1001 Module
COMP1010: Robotics Programming COMP1010 Module
COMP101P: Principles of Programming COMP101P Module
COMP101PA: Principles of Programming A COMP101PA Module
COMP102P: Theory I COMP102P Module
COMP102PA: Theory I A COMP102PA Module
COMP103P: Object-Orientated Programming COMP103P Module
COMP104P: Theory II COMP104P Module
COMP105P: Robotics programming COMP105P Module
COMP2009: Software Engineering and Human Computer Interaction COMP2009 Module
COMP2012: Directed Reading COMP2012 Module
COMP2013: Systems Engineering Project 1 COMP2013 Module
COMP201P: Networking and Concurrency COMP201P Module
COMP201PA: Computer Architecture and Concurrency A COMP201PA Module
COMP202P: Logic and Database Theory COMP202P Module
COMP202PA: Logic and Database Theory A COMP202PA Module
COMP203P: Software Engineering and Human Computer Interaction COMP203P Module
COMP203PA: Software Engineering and Human Computer Interaction A COMP203PA Module
COMP204P: Systems Engineering Project 1 COMP204P Module
COMP205P: Systems Engineering Project 2 COMP205P Module
COMP206P: Mathematics and Statistics COMP206P Module
COMP207P: Compilers COMP207P Module
COMP209P: Cognitive Systems and Intelligent Technologies COMP209P Module
COMP210P: Introduction to Programming COMP210P Module
COMP211P: Introduction to Programming COMP211P Module
COMP214P: Systems Engineering COMP214P Module
COMP3001: Technology Management and Professional Issues COMP3001 Module
COMP3004 / COMP3004A: Computational Complexity COMP3004 Module
COMP3007: Computer Systems COMP3007 Module
COMP3011: Functional Programming COMP3011 Module
COMP3012: Interaction Design COMP3012 Module
COMP3013: Database and Information Management Systems COMP3013 Module
COMP3035 / COMP3035A: Networked Systems COMP3035 Module
COMP3058/COMPGC26: Artificial Intelligence and Neural Computing COMP3058 Module
COMP3063: Introduction to Cryptography COMP3063 Module
COMP3063A: Introduction to Cryptography COMP3063A Module
COMP3072: Image Processing COMP3072 Module
COMP3072A: Image Processing A COMP3072A Module
COMP3080: Computer Graphics COMP3080 Module
COMP3080A: Computer Graphics A COMP3080A Module
COMP3091: Individual Project for Year 3 BSc COMP3091 Module
COMP3091A: Individual Project for Year 3 BSc A COMP3091A Module
COMP3095: Research Methods COMP3095 Module
COMP3096: Group Research Project COMP3096 Module
COMP3096A: Group Research Project A COMP3096A Module
COMP310P: Web Development COMP310P Module
COMP311P: Systems Engineering COMP311P Module
COMP312P: Machine Learning and Neural Computing COMP312P Module
COMP313P: Systems Engineering COMP313P Module
COMP6007: Communications and Networks COMP6007 Module
COMP6010: Computer Music COMP6010 Module
COMPG001: Financial Data and Statistics COMPG001 Module
COMPG004: Market Risk, Measures and Portfolio Theory COMPG004 Module
COMPG005: Numerical Analysis for Finance COMPG005 Module
COMPG007: Operational Risk Measurement for Financial Institutions COMPG007 Module
COMPG008: Stochastic Processes for Finance COMPG008 Module
COMPG009: Networks and Systemic Risk COMPG009 Module
COMPG011: Data Analytics COMPG011 Module
COMPG012: Financial Engineering COMPG012 Module
COMPG012A: Financial Engineering COMPG012A Module
COMPG013: Market Microstructure COMPG013 Module
COMPG014: Machine Learning with Applications in Finance COMPG014 Module
COMPG099: Individual Project (MRes) Dissertation COMPG099 Module
COMPGA01: Computer Security I COMPGA01 Module
COMPGA02: Computer Security II COMPGA02 Module
COMPGA03: Introduction to Cryptography COMPGA03 Module
COMPGA10: People and Security COMPGA10 Module
COMPGA11: Research in Information Security COMPGA11 Module
COMPGA12: Applied Cryptography COMPGA12 Module
COMPGA14: Information Security Management COMPGA14 Module
COMPGA16 / COMPM066: Malware COMPM066 Module
COMPGA16: Malware COMPGA16 Module
COMPGA17 / COMPM067: Privacy Enhancing Technologies COMPM067 Module
COMPGA17: Privacy Enhancing Technologies COMPGA17 Module
COMPGA18 / COMPM068: Cryptanalysis COMPM068 Module
COMPGA18: Cryptanalysis COMPGA18 Module
COMPGA19: Philosophy, Politics and Economics of Security and Privacy COMPGA19 Module
COMPGA99: Dissertation COMPGA99 Module
COMPGB99: Project in Business Analytics COMPGB99 Module
COMPGC01: Introductory programming COMPGC01 Module
COMPGC02: Apps Design COMPGC02 Module
COMPGC03: Architecture and Hardware COMPGC03 Module
COMPGC04: Systems Infrastructure COMPGC04 Module
COMPGC05: Algorithmics COMPGC05 Module
COMPGC06 / COMP3013: Database and Information Management Systems COMPGC06 Module
COMPGC16: Functional Programming COMPGC16 Module
COMPGC18: Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice COMPGC18 Module
COMPGC20: Computer Music COMPGC20 Module
COMPGC22: Software Engineering COMPGC22 Module
COMPGC25: Interaction Design COMPGC25 Module
COMPGC26 / COMP3058 : Artificial Intelligence and Neural Computing COMPGC26 Module
COMPGC27: Programming for Business Analytics COMPGC27 Module
COMPGC99: Individual Project Report COMPGC99 Module
COMPGC99B: Individual Project Report B COMPGC99B Module
COMPGF03: Compliance, Risk and Regulation COMPGF03 Module
COMPGF04: Financial Market Modelling and Analysis COMPGF04 Module
COMPGF98: MSc Financial Risk Management Project COMPGF98 Module
COMPGF99: MSc Computational Finance Project COMPGF99 Module
COMPGI01: Supervised Learning COMPGI01 Module
COMPGI07: Programming and Mathematical Methods for Machine Learning COMPGI07 Module
COMPGI08: Graphical Models COMPGI08 Module
COMPGI09 / COMPGI09A / COMPM090: Applied Machine Learning COMPM090 Module
COMPGI09 / COMPGI09A: Applied Machine Learning COMPGI09 Module
COMPGI10: Bioinformatics COMPGI10 Module
COMPGI13: Advanced Topics in Machine Learning COMPGI13 Module
COMPGI14: Machine Vision COMPGI14 Module
COMPGI14A: Machine Vision A COMPGI14A Module
COMPGI15: Information Retrieval and Data Mining COMPGI15 Module
COMPGI16: Approximate Inference and Learning in Probabilistic Models COMPGI16 Module
COMPGI17 / COMPGI17B / COMPM082: Affective Computing and Human-Robot Interaction COMPM082 Module
COMPGI17 / COMPGI17B: Affective Computing and Human-Robot Interaction COMPGI17 Module
COMPGI18: Probabilistic and Unsupervised Learning COMPGI18 Module
COMPGI19: Statistical Natural Language Processing COMPGI19 Module
COMPGI21: Introduction to Machine Learning COMPGI21 Module
COMPGI22: Advanced Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning COMPGI22 Module
COMPGI23: Introduction to Deep Learning COMPGI23 Module
COMPGI99 / COMPGM99: Project COMPGI99 Module
COMPGL01: Introduction to Logic, Semantics and Verification COMPGL01 Module
COMPGL02: Modal Logic and Transition Systems COMPGL02 Module
COMPGL03: Program Verification and Automated Reasoning COMPGL03 Module
COMPGL99: Research Project COMPGL99 Module
COMPGM98: MRes Computational Statistics and Machine Learning Dissertation COMPGM98 Module
COMPGM99: Individual Project COMPGM99 Module
COMPGR02: MRes Virtual Reality: Individual Research Project COMPGR02 Module
COMPGR04: Evaluating Critical Topics in Virtual Environments, Imaging and Visualisation COMPGR04 Module
COMPGR18: Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice COMPGR18 Module
COMPGS01: Requirements Engineering and Software Architecture COMPGS01 Module
COMPGS02 / COMPM022: Software Abstractions and Systems Integration COMPM022 Module
COMPGS02: Software Abstractions and Systems Integration COMPGS02 Module
COMPGS03: Validation and Verification COMPGS03 Module
COMPGS04: Tools and Environments COMPGS04 Module
COMPGS06: Financial Institutions and Markets COMPGS06 Module
COMPGS07: Financial Information Systems COMPGS07 Module
COMPGS10: Language Based Security COMPGS10 Module
COMPGS11: Research Seminar in Software Engineering COMPGS11 Module
COMPGS12: Research Methods in Software Engineering COMPGS12 Module
COMPGS98: Research Project in Software Engineering COMPGS98 Module
COMPGS99: Group Project in Software Systems Engineering COMPGS99 Module
COMPGV01: Mathematical Methods, Algorithmics and Implementations COMPGV01 Module
COMPGV07: Virtual Environments COMPGV07 Module
COMPGV08 / COMPM078: Inverse Problems in Imaging COMPM078 Module
COMPGV08: Inverse Problems in Imaging COMPGV08 Module
COMPGV10: Computer Graphics COMPGV10 Module
COMPGV11 / COMPM081: Geometry of Images COMPM081 Module
COMPGV11: Geometry of Images COMPGV11 Module
COMPGV12: Image Processing COMPGV12 Module
COMPGV15 / COMPM085: Computational Photography and Capture COMPM085 Module
COMPGV15: Computational Photography and Capture COMPGV15 Module
COMPGV16: Research Methods and Reading COMPGV16 Module
COMPGV17 / COMPM077: Computational Modelling for Biomedical Imaging COMPM077 Module
COMPGV17: Computational Modelling for Biomedical Imaging COMPGV17 Module
COMPGV18 / COMPM080: Acquisition and Processing of 3D Geometry COMPM080 Module
COMPGV18: Acquisition and Processing of 3D Geometry COMPGV18 Module
COMPGV19: Numerical Optimisation COMPGV19 Module
COMPGV20: Computational MRI COMPGV20 Module
COMPGV99: Research Project COMPGV99 Module
COMPGW01: Complex Networks and Web: COMPGW01 Module
COMPGW02: Web Economics COMPGW02 Module
COMPGW98: MRes Dissertation COMPGW98 Module
COMPGX01: Robotic Systems Engineering COMPGX01 Module
COMPGX02: Robotic Control Theory and Systems COMPGX02 Module
COMPGX03: Robotic Sensing, Manipulation and Interaction COMPGX03 Module
COMPGX04: Robot Vision and Navigation COMPGX04 Module
COMPGX98: MRes Robotics Dissertation COMPGX98 Module
COMPGX99: Robotics and Computation Dissertation COMPGX99 Module
COMPGZ01: Networked Systems COMPGZ01 Module
COMPGZ03: Distributed systems and security COMPGZ03 Module
COMPGZ05: Multimedia Systems COMPGZ05 Module
COMPGZ06: Mobile and Cloud Computing COMPGZ06 Module
COMPGZ07: Professional Practice COMPGZ07 Module
COMPM007: Operational Risk Measurement for Financial Institutions COMPM007 Module
COMPM012: Programming and Mathematical Methods for Machine Learning COMPM012 Module
COMPM014: Requirements Engineering and Software Architecture COMPM014 Module
COMPM014A: Requirements Engineering and Software Architecture A (Masters Level) COMPM014A Module
COMPM018: Probabilistic and Unsupervised Learning COMPM018 Module
COMPM023 / COMPGS03 : Validation and Verification COMPM023 Module
COMPM024: Tools and Environments COMPM024 Module
COMPM024A: Tools and Environments A (Masters Level) COMPM024A Module
COMPM026: Financial Institutions and Markets (Masters Level) COMPM026 Module
COMPM026A: Financial Institutions and Markets A (Masters Level) COMPM026A Module
COMPM027: Financial Information Systems COMPM027 Module
COMPM028: Language Based Security COMPM028 Module
COMPM030: Distributed systems and security COMPM030 Module
COMPM030A: Distributed Systems and Security (Masters Level) A COMPM030A Module
COMPM034/ COMPGZ05: Multimedia: Multimedia Systems COMPM034 Module
COMPM038: Mobile and Cloud Computing COMPM038 Module
COMPM041 / COMPGW02: Web Economics COMPM041 Module
COMPM042: Complex Networks and Web (Masters Level) COMPM042 Module
COMPM042A: Complex Networks and Web (Masters Level) A COMPM042A Module
COMPM050 / COMPGI13 : Advanced Topics in Machine Learning COMPM050 Module
COMPM052 / COMPGI15 : Information Retrieval and Data Mining COMPM052 Module
COMPM054: Machine Vision COMPM054 Module
COMPM054A: Machine Vision A (Masters Level) COMPM054A Module
COMPM055: Supervised Learning COMPM055 Module
COMPM055A: Supervised Learning (Masters Level) A COMPM055A Module
COMPM056: Graphical Models (Masters Level) COMPM056 Module
COMPM056A: Graphical Models (Masters Level) COMPM056A Module
COMPM058: Bioinformatics COMPM058 Module
COMPM061: People and Security COMPM061 Module
COMPM061A: People and Security (Masters Level) A COMPM061A Module
COMPM062: Computer Security I (Masters Level) COMPM062 Module
COMPM062A: Computer Security I (Masters Level) COMPM062A Module
COMPM063: Introduction to Cryptography COMPM063 Module
COMPM063A: Introduction to Cryptography (Masters Level) COMPM063A Module
COMPM064: Applied Cryptography (Masters Level) COMPM064 Module
COMPM065: Computer Security II COMPM065 Module
COMPM072: Mathematical Methods, Implementations and Algorithmics (Masters Level) COMPM072 Module
COMPM072A: Mathematical Methods, Implementations and Algorithmics (Masters Level) COMPM072A Module
COMPM076: Virtual Environments COMPM076 Module
COMPM076A: Virtual Environments A (Masters Level) COMPM076A Module
COMPM083: Statistical Natural Language Processing COMPM083 Module
COMPM086: Introduction to Logic, Semantics and Verification COMPM086 Module
COMPM088: Program Verification and Automated Reasoning (Masters Level) COMPM088 Module
COMPM089: Introduction to Deep Learning COMPM089 Module
COMPM091: Individual Project for Year 4 MEng (Masters Level) COMPM091 Module
COMPMI22: Advanced Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning COMPMI22 Module
COMPR002B: Group Project B COMPR002B Module
COMPR099: Eng.D. Thesis COMPR099 Module

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