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CPAS0003: Secondary - Professional Practice CPAS0003 Module
CPAS0024: Subject Studies – History CPAS0024 Module
CPAS0025: Wider Educational Studies - History CPAS0025 Module
CPAS0049: Dissertation on Mathematics Education and Integrated Research Methods CPAS0049 Module
CPAS0054: Education and Identities: Citizenship CPAS0054 Module
CPAS0056: The Holocaust in the Curriculum CPAS0056 Module
CPAS0057: Transforming History Education CPAS0057 Module
CPAS0058: Effective Learning in History CPAS0058 Module
CPAS0059: Curriculum Development: Issues and Principles CPAS0059 Module
CPAS0061: Assessment for Learning CPAS0061 Module
CPAS0062: Assessment: Issues and Practice CPAS0062 Module
CPAS0069: Educational Testing CPAS0069 Module
CPAS0071: Curriculum, Policy and Practice CPAS0071 Module
CPAS0074: Guiding Effective Learning and Teaching CPAS0074 Module
CPAS0076: Critical Perspectives on Learning and Teaching CPAS0076 Module
CPAS0080: Principles and Practices of Development Education CPAS0080 Module
CPAS0081: Leading the Geography Curriculum CPAS0081 Module
CPAS0084: Understanding Mathematics Education CPAS0084 Module
CPAS0085: Mathematics for Teachers CPAS0085 Module
CPAS0086: Digital Technologies For Mathematical Learning CPAS0086 Module
CPAS0089: Foundations of Science Education CPAS0089 Module
CPAS0092: Education, Ethics and Imagination in a Globalising World CPAS0092 Module
CPAS0094: International Perspectives on Educational Reform in Curriculum and Assessment CPAS0094 Module
CPAS0097: The Aims of Education in Theory and Practice CPAS0097 Module
CPAS0099: Report In Development Education CPAS0099 Module
CPAS0100: Dissertation In Development Education and Global Learning CPAS0100 Module
CPAS0107: Report on Humanities Education and Integrated Research Methods CPAS0107 Module
CPAS0108: Dissertation on Humanities Education and Integrated Research Methods CPAS0108 Module
CPAS0117: What is Education? CPAS0117 Module
CPAS0118: Dissertation on Education CPAS0118 Module
CPAS0120: School Direct Salaried CPAS0120 Module
CPAS0129: Teaching Controversial Issues CPAS0129 Module
CPAS0133: Development Education in the Era of Globalisation CPAS0133 Module
CPAS0134: Understanding Research CPAS0134 Module
CPAS0139: Investigating Research Into Schooling, Curriculum, Teaching and Learning CPAS0139 Module
CPAS0158: Global Citizenship Education: Research, Policy and Practice CPAS0158 Module
CPAS0159: Leading Learning in Ismaili Contexts CPAS0159 Module
CPAS0160: Issues and Debates in Religious Education CPAS0160 Module
CPAS0168: Communicating Geography in Education CPAS0168 Module
CPAS0169: Issues of Concern in Education CPAS0169 Module
CPASG301B: Dissertation in Citizenship, History or Religious Education CPASG301B Module
CPASI131B: Childhood and Learning: Sociological and Psychological Perspectives CPASI131B Module
CPASI161C: Critically Reflecting on Personal and Professional Development CPASI161C Module
CPASI241A: Integrated Children's Services and Inter-Professional Working: The New Environment CPASI241A Module
CPASI251A: Creative Development Through Art, Craft and Design CPASI251A Module
Teach First Business (PGCE) TFBPGCE Module

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