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Name Code Type
CMII0001: Africa: Dialogues of Past and Present CMII0001 Module
CMII0002: Debating Africa’s Future CMII0002 Module
CMII0003: Research Methods in African Studies CMII0003 Module
CMII0005: Performance, Visual Media and Popular Culture in Africa CMII0005 Module
CMII0009: African Studies and Education B CMII0009 Module
CMII0019: Modern Literary Theory CMII0019 Module
CMII0028: Topics in Cultural Studies CMII0028 Module
CMII0039: Global Politics CMII0039 Module
CMII0040: Global Politics CMII0040 Module
CMII0041: Politics and Ethics CMII0041 Module
CMII0042: Politics & Ethics CMII0042 Module
CMII0043: Multidisciplinary Social Research CMII0043 Module
CMII0044: Multidisciplinary Social Research CMII0044 Module
CMII0048: Multidisciplinary Appraoches to Gender Studies CMII0048 Module
CMII0051: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Gender Studies CMII0051 Module
CMII0052: Gender Theory, Politics and Feminism CMII0052 Module
CMII0063: Hong Kong Cinema: City and Screen CMII0063 Module
CMII0071: MA Film Studies Core Course CMII0071 Module
CMII0072: Research Methods CMII0072 Module
CMII0074: Madness CMII0074 Module
CMII0075: Illness CMII0075 Module
CMII0078: Comparative Literary Studies CMII0078 Module
CMII0081: Revolutions in Literature: Writing China's Twentieth Century CMII0081 Module
CMII0082: Consumer Culture in Literature CMII0082 Module
CMII0087: Language and Translation CMII0087 Module
CMII0090: Language and Automation CMII0090 Module
CMII0092: Professional Skills for Translators CMII0092 Module
CMII0098: Translating for Voiceover and Dubbing CMII0098 Module
CMII0100: Crisis Translation CMII0100 Module
CMII0107: Interaction and Language Management of Interpreting CMII0107 Module
CMII0108: The Historical and Social Context of Interpreting CMII0108 Module
CMII0112: Translation and the Web CMII0112 Module
CMII0113: Translation in History: Theory, Practice and Reception CMII0113 Module
CMII0115: Translation Theory CMII0115 Module
CMII0122: Madness CMII0122 Module

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