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Name Code Type
POLS1001: Modern Classics in Political Analysis POLS1001 Module
POLS1002: Introduction to Political Science POLS1002 Module
POLS1003: Principles of Social Science Research (Q) POLS1003 Module
POLS3003: Data Science & Big Data Analytics (Q) POLS3003 Module
POLS6001: Introduction to British Politics POLS6001 Module
POLS6002A: Directed Independent Study POLS6002A Module
POLS6002B: Directed Independent Study POLS6002B Module
POLS6003: Directed Independent Study POLS6003 Module
POLS6004: Changing Britain's Constitution POLS6004 Module
POLS6005: International Security POLS6005 Module
POLS6006 (A and B): Politics of the European Union POLS6006 Module
POLS6010: International Relations Theories POLS6010 Module
POLS6011: Comparative Politics POLS6011 Module
POLS6012: Theories and Concepts of Politics POLS6012 Module
POLS6015: International Political Economy POLS6015 Module
POLS6017: NI Peace Process POLS6017 Module
POLS6018: Advanced Topics in International Security POLS6018 Module
POLS6019: Welfare Politics POLS6019 Module
POLS6020: Designing political institutions for the developing world POLS6020 Module
POLS6023: Introduction to Public Policy POLS6023 Module
POLS6024: Introduction to Quantative Research Methods POLS6024 Module
POLS6025: Data Analysis POLS6025 Module
POLS7001: British Parliamentary Studies POLS7001 Module
POLS7002: Strategies of Terrorism POLS7002 Module
POLS7007 (A and B): International Development and Public Policy POLS7007 Module
POLS7008: Gender and politics POLS7008 Module
POLS7009: Global Environmental Politics POLS7009 Module
POLS7014: International Organisation POLS7014 Module
POLS7016: Human Rights and World Politics POLS7016 Module
POLS7019: Welfare Politics POLS7019 Module
PUBLG001: Public Management: Theories and Innovations PUBLG001 Module
PUBLG002: Health Policy and Reform PUBLG002 Module
PUBLG004: Introduction to Qualitative Methods PUBLG004 Module
PUBLG005: Public Policy Economics & Analysis (PPEA) PUBLG005 Module
PUBLG007: The Ethics of Poverty PUBLG007 Module
PUBLG008: Voluntary Sector Policy and Management PUBLG008 Module
PUBLG009: Terrorism PUBLG009 Module
PUBLG012: Political Economy of Energy Policy PUBLG012 Module
PUBLG013: Making Policy Work PUBLG013 Module
PUBLG016: Policy-making and Regulation in Europe PUBLG016 Module
PUBLG020: The European Union in Global Politics PUBLG020 Module
PUBLG026: The European Union, Globalisation and the State PUBLG026 Module
PUBLG030: Republicanism and liberalism PUBLG030 Module
PUBLG032: Meanings of Liberty: Applied Methods in Political Theory PUBLG032 Module
PUBLG033: Equality, Justice and Difference PUBLG033 Module
PUBLG035: Theories of international relations PUBLG035 Module
PUBLG037: Public Ethics PUBLG037 Module
PUBLG039: Agenda Setting and Public Policy PUBLG039 Module
PUBLG040: Policy Implementation PUBLG040 Module
PUBLG041: Managing Organizational Change PUBLG041 Module
PUBLG043: British Government and Politics PUBLG043 Module
PUBLG048: Law and Regulation I PUBLG048 Module
PUBLG050: International Political Economy PUBLG050 Module
PUBLG052: International Law and Human Rights PUBLG052 Module
PUBLG054: The Political Economy of Development PUBLG054 Module
PUBLG057: Parliaments, Political Parties and Policy Making PUBLG057 Module
PUBLG058: Democratic Political Institutions PUBLG058 Module
PUBLG063: International Human Rights Standards and Institutions PUBLG063 Module
PUBLG065: Governing divided societies PUBLG065 Module
PUBLG066: Foreign Policy Analysis PUBLG066 Module
PUBLG068: Gendering the Study of Politics: Theory and Practice PUBLG068 Module
PUBLG072: Globalisation PUBLG072 Module
PUBLG073: Democracy and Constitutional Design PUBLG073 Module
PUBLG074: Theories & Actors of the Policy Process PUBLG074 Module
PUBLG075: Theoretical Foundations of Human Rights PUBLG075 Module
PUBLG077: International Peace & Security PUBLG077 Module
PUBLG078: International Organisation PUBLG078 Module
PUBLG079: The European Union: Institutions & Politics PUBLG079 Module
PUBLG080: Rebellion PUBLG080 Module
PUBLG081: Global Ethics PUBLG081 Module
PUBLG082: Conflict Resolution and Post-War Development PUBLG082 Module
PUBLG084: Social Values and Public Policy PUBLG084 Module
PUBLG085: Democracy and Accountability: Holding Power to Account PUBLG085 Module
PUBLG086: Leadership and Organisational Behaviour PUBLG086 Module
PUBLG087: Global Public Policy PUBLG087 Module
PUBLG088: Advanced Quantitative Methods PUBLG088 Module
PUBLG089: War, Peace and Human Rights PUBLG089 Module
PUBLG100: Introduction to Quantitative Methods PUBLG100 Module
PUBLG101: Comparative Political Economy PUBLG101 Module
PUBLG103: Global Business Regulation PUBLG103 Module
PUBLG104: Normative Methods, Legal Analysis and Research Skills PUBLG104 Module
PUBLG105: Advanced Qualitative Methods PUBLG105 Module
PUBLG106: Human Rights, Accountability and World Politics PUBLG106 Module
PUBLG110: International Trade Policy PUBLG110 Module
PUBLG114: Global Governance PUBLG114 Module
PUBLG115: Data Analysis for Policy PUBLG115 Module
PUBLG116: Economic Policy Making PUBLG116 Module
PUBLG117: Governance and Public Management PUBLG117 Module
PUBLG118: Impact Evaluation Methods PUBLG118 Module
PUBLG119: Public Finance and Budgeting PUBLG119 Module
PUBLGL05: Peer Assisted Learning PUBLGL05 Module
PUBLGL08: Contemporary Political Philosophy 1 PUBLGL08 Module
PUBLGL09: Contemporary Political Philosophy II PUBLGL09 Module

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