This list relates to the academic year Academic Year 2011/12 which ended on 31/07/2012
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  1. Term 1 27 items
    1. Session 1 4 items
      Overview of urban agriculture and its evolution over the last century in both developed and developing countries. Introduction to the course.
      1. Urban agriculture - Robert Biel, Yves Cabannes 2009

        Article Essential Digitised reading

      2. Relearning urban agriculture - Herbert Girardet

        Chapter Essential Digitised reading

      3. Introduction - Mark Redwood

        Chapter Essential Digitised reading

      4. Cities farming for the future - René van Veenhuizen

        Chapter Essential Weblink

    2. Session 2 2 items
      Practical introduction to the allotment movement and UA farming systems
      1. Assessing benefits from allotments as a component of urban agriculture in England - Arturo Perez-Vazquez, Simon Anderson, Alan W. Rogers

        Chapter  Digitised reading

      2. Close to the earth - David Crouch, Colin Ward

        Chapter  Digitised reading

    3. Session 3 1 item
      The Rosario Experience. From social struggle to municipal policy
      1. Urban Agriculture Programme of the city of Rosario - Municipality of Rosario 2006

        Document Essential Digitised reading

    4. Session 4 2 items
      1. The organic chemistry of food production - M. Caldwell

        Chapter Essential Digitised Reading

    5. Session 5 2 items
    6. Session 6 3 items
      1. Chapter one - Howard, Albert 1943

        Chapter  Available at British Library and Natural History Museum

      2. The ecology of West African farming systems - Paul Richards

        Chapter Essential Digitised Reading

      3. Capitalist development in historical context - Robert Biel

        Chapter Recommended Digitised reading

    7. Session 7 5 items
      1. Green Mapping - Y Cabannes

        Chapter Essential Digitised Reading - UCL/DPU Pre-print copy

      2. Urban Agriculture: Land Management and Physical Planning - Y. Cabannes March 2003

        Article Essential Web resource

      3. Optimization of Use of Vacant Land for Urban Agriculture in the Municipality of Rosario, Argentina - Marielle Dubbeling 2003

        Article Essential Web resource Case Study developed for the E-Conference: Optimizing Agricultural Land Use in the City Area. ETC-RUAF and UMP-LAC.

      4. The Town-country magnet - Ebenezer Howard

        Chapter Recommended Digitised reading

      5. Social cities - Howard, Ebenezer

        Chapter  Digitised reading

    8. Session 8 5 items
    9. Session 9 3 items
      1. The art of not digging, The basics - C Dowding

        Chapter  Digitised Reading

      2. The principles of permaculture - Patrick Whitefield

        Chapter Essential Digitised Reading - Held in DPU Library

    1. Session 10: The Role of Popular Knowledge Systems and Technologies in Development in an Urbanizing Context 2 items
      Guest Lecturer: Dr. Zeremariam Fre
      1. Biodiversity and People's Knowledge - Shiva, Vandana

        Chapter  Digitised reading

    2. Session 11: Common Regimes and Community Land Trusts at a City Level: The Garden City Movement 2 items
      1. Champlain Housing Trust Annual Report 2009 - Champlain Housing Trust 2009

        Webpage  Web resource

    3. Session 12: Urban Agriculture and its interface with architecture and Housing. Right to Food and Right to the City 5 items
      1. Chapter 3: What we fight - Richard Reynolds

        Chapter  Digitised reading

    4. Session 13: Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture in arid zones with a focus on Food Security. The Case of Kassala City in Eastern Sudan 2 items
      Guest Lecturer: Dr. Zeremariam Fre
      1. Chapters 4 & 5 - Zeremariam Fre 2008

        Chapter Essential Web resource

      2. Editor's introduction - Cecilia Tacoli

        Chapter Essential

    5. Session 14: Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture within an evolving Global Political Economy, with special reference to Finance 3 items
      1. Finance and Investment for Urban Agriculture - Yves Cabannes 2006

        Chapter  Web resource

    6. Session 15: Presentation of city profiles by Participants - First Part (Coursework 2) 1 item

        The presentations of the city profiles focus on the contribution that urban and peri-urban agriculture is making in the studied city to the right to food and to food sovereignty.

        [No set readings]


    7. Session 16: Verticalisation of Production: Urban Agriculture, Food Chains, Localisation and the link with Distribution Systems. Urban Agriculture within the Urban System. 4 items
      Guest Lecturer: Dr. Marielle Dubbeling, Senior Adviser ETC-Urban Agriculture/ RUAF Foundation
      1. Case Study ASPROVE . Association of the PROVE Producers - Joao Luis Homem de Carvalho 2005

        Article  Web resource

    8. Session 17: Presentation of city profiles by Participants - Second Part (Coursework 2) 1 item
      1. The presentations of the city profiles focus on the contribution that urban and peri-urban agriculture is making in the studied city to the right to food and to food sovereignty.

        [No Set Readings]

    9. Session 18: Urban Agriculture, Commons Regimes, Urban Metabolisms, Right to Food and Food Sovereignty. 1 item
      1. This session will draw together the conceptual and theoretical threads from the whole module and will introduce a debate between module tutors and guest lecturers

        No specific readings, as this session will build and reflect upon the ones that were read all through the module.

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