1. This reading list provides library availability information for print and electronic resources available through UCL Libraries. Students based at the Whittington campus can check for print holdings at the Whittington Health Library by searching their library catalogue.

  2. Clinical Communication 16 items
    1. Revisiting Patient Centred Consultations:

    2. Measuring patient-centered communication in Patient–Physician consultations: Theoretical and practical issues - Ronald M. Epstein, Peter Franks, Kevin Fiscella, Cleveland G. Shields 2005

      Article  For reference

    3. Written Communication in Healthcare:

    4. NHS Identity Guidelines

      Webpage  Provides guidance on how to produce written information for patients, their carers and people who use the NHS service.

    5. Communications with Relatives:

    6. Talking About Behaviour Change:

    7. Motivational interviewing: helping people change - William R. Miller, Stephen Rollnick c2013


  3. Mental Health 4 items
    1. Chronic Illness:

  4. Patient Pathway in Integrated and Community Care 7 items
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