1. General 16 items
    1. All of the readings for this module can be found within the individual activity sections. Each activity includes a list of key readings. Further readings are also suggested if you wish to read in more depth or to explore a wider range of views. These further readings are available in the IOE library or can be obtained from other libraries, but due to resource restrictions we are not able to make all of them available online.


      In addition to the readings for specific activities, you may also find the following readings useful for a general overview of debates and discussions related to education, development and globalisation: 

    2. Globalization and education: integration and contestation across cultures - Karen Monkman, Nelly P. Stromquist 2014

      Book  Provides a clear introduction to the key issues and a useful collection of essays. 2014 edition available as an ebook:

    3. Globalization of education: an introduction - Joel H. Spring 2009

      Book  A good overview of key issues and relationships in globalisation of education systems and ideas. Provides particularly useful discussion of indigenous and religious perspectives on education and globalisation, and major international actors in education – UNESCO, World Bank, etc

    4. Globalisation and pedagogy: space, place, and identity - Richard Edwards, Robin Usher 2008

      Book  A more conceptual and philosophical discussion of the impacts of globalisation on learning.

    5. If you are new to the MA programme or are looking for more general readings on development education, you also might find the following readings of interest: 

    6. Pedagogy of the oppressed - Paulo Freire 2017, First published 1970


    7. 80:20: development in an unequal world - Tom Arnold, Bertrand Borg, Colm Regan, 80:20 (Organisation) 2016

      Book  Selected extracts from 6th edition available here:

    8. You might also like to explore the following academic journals: 

    9. International journal of development education and global learning 2008-

      Journal  A new journal being produced by colleagues here at the Development Education Research Centre.

    10. Policy and Practice: A Development Education Review

      Journal  a free-access online journal published by the Centre for Global Education in Ireland

    11. Development Education Research Centre

      Webpage  The DERC also produces a range of publications, including thematic research papers and the bi-annual Development Education Digest (which provides summaries of new international research and publications), that might be of interest to students. A full list of publications can be found at

    12. If you haven't already done so, we also recommend you acquaint yourself with the following websites as they are regularly referred to within the module: 

    13. Global Education Network Europe: 


      North-South Centre, Council of Europe: 


      Think Global (formerly the UK's Development Education Association): 


      Critical Literacy Journal: 


      Development Education, Ireland: 



  2. Activity 1 - Globalisation and Education 14 items
    1. Key Readings 3 items
      1. Defining globalization and assessing its implications on knowledge and education - N P Stromquist, K Monkman

        Chapter  This volume also contains a number of good case studies of the impacts of globalisation on education systems around the world. 2014 edition available as an ebook:

    2. Further Readings 11 items
      1. Disjuncture and Difference in the Global Cultural Economy - A. Appadurai 01/04/1990

        Article  This essay also appears as a chapter in Lauder, H., Brown, P., Dillabough, J.A., and Halsey, A.H. (eds.) Education, Globalization and Social Change, pp.179-188. Oxford: OUP

      2. Globalizing education: policies, pedagogies, & politics - Michael W. Apple, Jane Kenway, Michael Singh c2005


      3. Globalization and education: critical perspectives - Nicholas C. Burbules, Carlos Alberto Torres 2000


      4. Globalization and the study of education - Thomas S. Popkewitz, Fazal Rizvi, National Society for the Study of Education 2009

        Book  (pp. 226–246)

  3. Activity 2 - Learning for a Global Society 25 items
    1. Key Readings 8 items
      1. Read at least 2 of the following key readings.

      2. Chapter 5: Learner-centred education as a promising but problematic policy in the Global South

        Chapter  The other chapters are also interesting with a range of diverse perspectives on learning, with case studies from the Gambia, China, Russia and South Africa.

    2. Further Readings 17 items
      1. 80:20: development in an unequal world - Tom Arnold, Bertrand Borg, Colm Regan, 80:20 (Organisation) 2016

        Book  Selected extracts from 6th edition available here:

      2. Web Resources:

      3. International Baccalaureate Organization:

  4. Activity 3 - Skills for Living and Working in a Globalising World 20 items
    1. Key Readings 2 items
      1. Education, Globalisation and the Future of the Knowledge Economy - Phillip Brown, Hugh Lauder, David Ashton, Wang Yingje 06/2008


    2. Further Readings 18 items
      1. 'The gendering of skill and vocationalism in twentieth-century Australian education - J Blackmore


      2. The State of Global Education in Europe 2015 - Edited by Helmuth Hartmeyer and Liam Wegimont 2015


      3. Assessing Cultural Life Skills of American Indian Youth - Claudia [We-La-La] Long, A. Chris Downs, Bruce Gillette, L. Kills in Sight 2006-8


      4. The Global People Competency Framework : Competencies for Effective Intercultural Interaction - Helen Spencer-Oatey and Stefanie Stadler 2009

        Document  See also other publications from this project here:

      5. Are Our Young People Prepared? - Alejandro Tiana 2002

        Article  This article is part of a special issue on 'Education For Learning To Live Together'; other articles in it might also be of interest.

      6. 21st century skills: learning for life in our times - Bernie Trilling, Charles Fadel, Partnership for 21st Century Skills 2009


  5. Activity 4 - Development Education Policies and Practices in Diverse National Contexts 27 items
    1. Examples of National Policies and Perspectives 21 items
      1. Between the nation and the globe: education for global mindedness in Finland - Vanessa de Oliveira Andreotti, Gert Biesta, Cash Ahenakew 03/04/2015


      2. There are a number of reviews of Global Education policies in different countries on the GENE website

      3. TO ORDER > Module leader has said that this is essential. He could donate a copy of the book.

        Hartmeyer, H., Wegimont, L.. (2016). Global education in Europe revisited: Strategies and structures, policy, practice and challenges. Münster ; Waxmann

      4. **DERC's Digest on Global Education (2015-2017). Annual Development Education Digest also provides examples of new international publications and research which might be of interest. (in press) See the DERC publications page.

    2. Further Readings 6 items
      1. Dudková, L. (ed) (2008) Development Education in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovak Republic and Slovenia. Olomouc: Palacký University. [copies available on request from Doug Bourn]

      2. Web resources:


        National strategies for global education in Europe:


        Global schools project

  6. Activity 5 - Global Citizenship 28 items
    1. Key Readings 3 items
    2. Further Readings 25 items
      1. Global citizenship education: everyday transcendence - William Gaudelli 2016


      2. Research in global citizenship education - Tami Augustine, Jason Harshman, Merry M. Merryfield 2015


      3. The discourse of global citizenship - W Humes


      4. Educating citizens for global awareness - Nel Noddings, Boston Research Center for the 21st Century c2005


      5. Constructing the [parochial] global citizen - Peta Salter, Kelsey Halbert 20/10/2017


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