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  1. Page Course co-ordinators: Dr Matilda Holmes and Dr Louise Martin ( MSc Option course: 15 credits One  term
  2. Please Note: This is by no means an exhaustive list. It gives basic, useful texts for each of the main lecture topics - you are expected to research other sources to develop your own interests

  3. Zooarchaeology in Practice - General texts useful throughout the course 16 items
    1. Essential reading: General zooarchaeology texts 3 items
      Read Baker and Worley and one of the others
      1. Animal Bones and Archaeology: Guidelines for Best Practice - Poly Baker, Fay Worley 2014

        Document Essential electronic resource

      2. The archaeology of animal bones - T. P. O'Connor 2000

        Book Essential

      3. Zooarchaeology - Elizabeth Jean Reitz, Elizabeth S. Wing 2008

        Book Essential

    2. Recommended reading: General zooarchaeology texts 6 items
      1. Ethnozooarchaeology: The Present and Past of Human-Animal Relationships - Umberto Albarella, Angela Trentacoste 2011

        Book Recommended

      2. Animal bone archeology: from objectives to analysis - Brian Hesse, Paula Wapnish 1985

        Book Recommended

      3. The archaeology of animal bones - T. P. O'Connor 2000

        Book Recommended

      4. The Analysis of Urban Animal Bone Assemblages - T. P. O'Connor 2003

        Book Recommended

      5. Social Zooarchaeology: Humans and Animals in Prehistory - Nerissa Russell 2012

        Book Recommended

      6. Beastly Questions: Animal Answers to Archaeological Issues - Naomi Jane Sykes 2014

        Book Recommended

    3. Identification and Analytical Guides 4 items
      These are essential when recording bones in the field
      1. A manual for the identification of bird bones from archaeological sites - Alan Cohen, D. Serjeantson 1996

        Book Essential

      2. A Guide to the Measurement of Animal Bones from Archaeological Sites - Angela von den Driesch 1976

        Book Essential

      3. Teeth - Simon Hillson 2005

        Book Essential

    4. Sampling and Recovery 3 items
      1. Sampling in Archaeology - Clive Orton 2000

        Book Essential e-book

  4. Lecture 1: Introduction to zooarchaeology 3 items
    1. This lecture introduces the subject of vertebrate zooarchaeology and covers the following points:

      • What is zooarchaeology?
      • What is a vertebrate?
      • The five classes of vertebrates (fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals)
      • Why mammals are the focus of this course
      • introduction to the skeleton


    2. Essential reading: Introduction to Zooarchaeology 1 item
    3. Recommended reading: Introduction to zooarchaeology 1 item
      1. Palaeos Systematics: The Linnaean System

        Webpage Recommended For an explanation of taxonomy and the Linnean system

  5. Lecture 2: Bone development and structure 2 items
      • Describe the nature and structure of bone, outlining how bone develops and grows

    1. Recommended reading: Bone development 1 item
  6. Lecture 3: Epiphyseal Fusion 6 items
      • What is bone fusion
      • What affects bone fusion
      • How we use fusion in zooarchaeology

    1. Essential reading: Epiphyseal fusion 5 items
      Each of these texts are essential when calculating fusion charts for the various main domesticates
      1. Tooth eruption and epiphyseal fusion in pigs and wild boar - G Bull, S Payne

        Chapter Essential Chapter by Bull and Payne

      2. The ageing of domestic animals - IA Silver

        Chapter Essential Chapter by Silver

      3. A new system for computing long-bone fusion age profiles in Sus scrofa - Melinda A. Zeder, Ximena Lemoine, Sebastian Payne 2015

        Article Essential Electronic journal

  7. Lecture 4: Mammalian dentition (adult) 2 items
      • Tooth structure
      • Tooth formulae
      • Variation in teeth

    1. Essential reading: Mammalian dentition 1 item
      1. Teeth - Simon Hillson 2005

        Book Essential E-BOOK

  8. Lecture 5: Deciduous dentition and mortality profiles 9 items
      • Deciduous dentition
      • Tooth eruption
      • Tooth wear
      • Mortality profiles

    1. Essential reading: Deciduous dentition 7 items
      Each of these texts are essential when recording and analysing tooth wear and eruption for the major domesticates
      1. Age at death in cattle: methods, older cattle and known-age reference material - Gillian G Jones, Peta Sadler 04/2012

        Article Essential electronic journal

      2. A new system for computing dentition-based age profiles in Sus scrofa - Ximena Lemoine, Melinda A. Zeder, Katelyn J. Bishop, Scott J. Rufolo 2014

        Article Essential electronic journal

    2. Recommended reading: Deciduous dentition 1 item
      1. A review of published sources for age at death in cattle - Gillian G Jones, Peta Sadler 04/2012

        Article Recommended electronic journal

  9. Lecture 6: Taphonomy 10 items
      • An introduction to taphonomic pathways and bone surface modifications including:
      • Butchery
      • Breakage
      • Gnawing
      • Burning
      • Weathering

    1. Essential reading: Taphonomy 9 items
      1. Vertebrate Taphonomy - R. Lee Lyman 1994

        Book Essential

      2. Bones: Ancient Men and Modern Myths - Lewis Roberts Binford 1981

        Book Essential

      3. Bone surface modifications in zooarchaeology - John W. Fisher Jr. 1995

        Article Essential electronic journal

      4. Bone density studies in zooarchaeology - Y.M Lam, O.M Pearson, Curtis W Marean, Xingbin Chen 2003

        Article Essential electronic journal; Effects of bone density on preservation

      5. Reconstructing depositional histories through bone taphonomy: extending the potential of faunal data - Richard Madgwick, Jacqui Mulville 2015

        Article Essential electronic journal; Weathering and other taphonomic variables

      6. Biosphere to Lithosphere: New Studies in Vertebrate Taphonomy - T. P. O'Connor 2005

        Book Essential Lots of interesting papers

      7. Taphonomy and interpretation: An analytical framework for social zooarchaeology - D. C. Orton 2012

        Article Essential electronic journal; Practical uses of taphonomy in zooarchaeology

      8. Ruby and how many squirrels? The destruction of bones by dogs - Terry O'Connor

        Chapter Essential Gnawing

  10. Lecture 7: Size, sexual dimorphism and morphometrics plus body part representation 10 items
    1. Why Measure bones?

      • Size
      • Domestication
      • New populations/ types
      • 'Improvements'
      • Sexual Polymorphism
      • Males, castrates, females
      • Ageing
      • Separating Species


    2. Essential reading: Metrical analysis 5 items
      1. Sexing cattle horn-cores: Problems and progress - N. Sykes, R. Symmons 2007

        Article Essential electronic journal

      2. Sexing fragmentary ungulate acetabulae - H Greenfield

        Chapter Essential

      3. A Guide to the Measurement of Animal Bones from Archaeological Sites - Angela von den Driesch 1976

        Book Essential Standards

    3. How to quantify body parts, and how this is affected by:

      • transport
      • sharing and redistribution
      • differential recovery and fragmentation
      • differential preservation
      • bone working
      • identification
      • structured deposition

    4. Body part representation 3 items
      1. Quantitative Paleozoology - R. Lee Lyman 2008

        Book Essential

  11. Lecture 8: Small mammals and palaeopathology 9 items
    1. Identification of small mammals, and how they are important as:

      • Environmental indicators
      • Dating
      • Commensalism
      • Food
      • Hunting


    2. Small Mammals 2 items
      1. Teeth - Simon Hillson 2005

        Book Essential E-BOOK

      2. Animals as Neighbors: The Past and Present of Commensal Species - Terry O'Connor 2013

        Book Essential

    3. What palaeopathology can tell us about animal lives and their interactions with humans

    4. Palaeopathology 5 items
      1. Animal Diseases in Archaeology - John Randal Baker, Don R. Brothwell 1980

        Book Essential

      2. Shuffling Nags, Lame Ducks: The Archaeology of Animal Disease - L. Bartosiewicz, Erika Gál c2013

        Book Essential

      3. Draught Cattle: Their Osteological Identification and History - L. Bartosiewicz, W. van Neer, An Lentacker 1997

        Book Essential

  12. Lecture 9: Birds in Archaeology 8 items
    1. Looking at the diversity and identification of birds and the way they can be used in zooarchaeological analysis to investigate:

      • Hunting
      • Seasonality
      • Domestications
      • Husbandry

    2. Birds in Archaeology 7 items
      1. A manual for the identification of bird bones from archaeological sites - Cohen, Alan, Serjeantson, D. 1996

        Book Essential for identifications

      2. Bird introductions - K Poole

        Chapter Essential

      3. Birds - D. Serjeantson 2009

        Book Essential

      4. Birds: A Seasonal Resource - D Serjeantson 1998

        Article Essential Electronic journal

  13. Lecture 11: Fish in archaeology 5 items
    1. This lecture will briefly cover the following topics:

      • Fish bone taphonomy
      • Identification issues
      • Fish bones as environmental indicators
      • Seasonality
      • Fishing techniques

    2. Fish in Archaeology 4 items
      1. Fishes - Wheeler, Alwyne C., Jones, Andrew K. G., Wheeler, Rosalind 1989

        Book Essential

      2. Seasonality only works in certain parts of the year: The reconstruction of fishing seasons through otolith analysis - W. van Neer, A. Ervynck, L. J. Bolle, R. S. Millner 2004

        Article Essential Electronic article

      3. Fish consumption in medieval England - D Serjeantson, C Woolgar


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