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  1. BASIC TEXTS 4 items
    1. A role for materials science - W. D. Kingery 1996

      Chapter Recommended INST ARCH BD KIN p. 175-180

    2. Materials science and material culture - W. D. Kingery 1996

      Chapter Recommended INST ARCH BD KIN p. 181-203

    3. Khan Academy Notes on Chemistry - Khan Academy 2014

      Webpage Recommended Electronic Resource

    4. Periodic Table – Royal Society of Chemistry - Royal Society of Chemistry

      Webpage Recommended Electronic Resource

  2. WEEK 1: Understanding Light: wave and particle duality and its effects on materials 7 items
    1. Retouching with Mica Pigments - A. Bailão, S. Šustic 2013

      Article Recommended Electronic Journal

    2. Light: its interaction with art and antiquities - Thomas B. Brill 1980

      Book Recommended INST ARCH L BRI

    3. Experiment #7: light as a tool spectroscope - K. Costello 2008

      Webpage Recommended Electronic Resource

    4. Light - G. Feinberg 1968

      Article Recommended Electronic Journal

    5. Color: An Introduction to Practice and Principles - R. G. Kuehni 1997

      Book Recommended Digitised Reading (May also be found at Bartlett ND1488. K82 2005)

    6. The physics and chemistry of color: the fifteen causes of color - Kurt Nassau 2001

      Book Recommended PHYSICS L 5 NAS

    7. Colour and light - The University of Sydney, School of Chemistry 2008

      Webpage Recommended Electronic Resource

  3. WEEK 2: Colour Production: how inorganic pigments produce colour 11 items
    1. Artists' pigments: a handbook of their history and characteristics - Robert L. Feller, Ashok Roy, Elisabeth West FitzHugh, Barbara Hepburn Berrie 2007

      Book Recommended INST ARCH JDJ ART

    2. The Colorful Chemistry of Lobster Shells - Bytesize Science - BYTESIZESCIENCE 15/8/2013

      Audio-visual document Recommended Youtube Video

    3. Il Libro dell'Arte - C. D'A. Cennini 1933

      Book Recommended E-book (Translated into English)

    4. Pigments through the Ages - detailed pigment histories, recipes - M. Douma, J. Lipscher 2014

      Webpage Recommended Electronic Resource

    5. The pigment compendium: a dictionary and optical microscopy of historical pigments - N. Eastaugh, V. Walsh, T. Chaplin, R. Siddall 2004

      Book Recommended E-book

    6. Artists' pigments: a handbook of their history and characteristics, Volume 2 - Ashok Roy 1993

      Book Recommended INST ARCH JDJ FEL Volume I

    7. Artists' pigments: a handbook of their history and characteristics, Volume 2 - Ashok Roy 1993

      Book Recommended INST ARCH JDJ ART Volume II

    8. Artists' pigments: a handbook of their history and characteristics, Volume 2 - Ashok Roy 1993

      Book Recommended INST ARCH JDJ ART Volume III

    9. Artists pigments c. 1600-1835: a study in English documentary sources - R. D. Harley 1982

      Book Recommended INST ARCH JDR HAR

    10. Chemical of the Week -- Fireworks! - B. Z. Shakhashiri 2012

      Webpage Recommended Electronic Resource

    11. The materials and techniques of medieval painting - Daniel V. Thompson 1956

      Book Recommended INST ARCH KN 1 THO

  4. WEEK 3: Colour Production: how organic dyes produce colour 5 items
    1. Dyes in history and archaeology - Association of Researchers into Dyes in History and Archaeology 2001-2008

      Journal Recommended Available as Print Journal: Volumes 16/17, Volume 18, Volume 19, Volume 20, Volume 21. INST ARCH JDJ DYE

    2. Ancient and medieval dyes: William F. Leggett - William F. Leggett 2009

      Book Recommended INST ARCH JDJ LEG

    3. The Chemistry of Dyes - H. Price 2002

      Webpage Recommended Electronic Resource

    4. Additional reading 1 item
      1. The colourful past: origins, chemistry and identification of natural dyestuffs - Judith H. Hofenk de Graaff, W. G. Th Roelofs, Maarten R. van Bommel 2004

        Book Optional Currently not available at IoA library - to be updated.

  5. WEEK 4: Glass and ceramics: crystalline vs. non-crystalline materials 7 items
    1. Ceramic masterpieces: art, structure, and technology - W. D. Kingery, Pamela B. Vandiver 1986

      Book Recommended INST ARCH KD KIN

    2. Conservation and care of glass objects - Stephen P. Koob, Corning Museum of Glass 2006

      Book Recommended INST ARCH KL KOO

    3. Conservation of glass - R. G. Newton, Sandra Davison 1996

      Book Recommended INST ARCH KL DAV

    4. Ceramic glazes - Cullen W. Parmelee, Cameron Gerald Harman 1973

      Book Recommended INST ARCH KD 1 PAR

    5. Ceramics for the Archaeologist - A. O. Shepard 1980

      Book Recommended E-book

    6. On divers arts: the foremost medieval treatise on painting, glassmaking and metalwork - John G. Hawthorne, Cyril Stanley Smith, Theophilus 1979

      Book Recommended INST ARCH KN THE

  6. WEEK 5: Metals: technology and redox 10 items
    1. Gilded metals: history, technology and conservation - Terry Drayman Weisser, American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works 2000

      Book Recommended INST ARCH KEB Qto DAR

    2. Patina nobile and vile - R. J. Gettens 1970

      Chapter Recommended INST ARCH KN 5 DOE p. 57-72

    3. The fire of Hephaistos: large classical bronzes from North American collections - Carol C. Mattusch, Beryl Barr-Sharrar, Arthur M. Sackler Museum, Toledo Museum of Art 1996

      Book Recommended INST ARCH YATES QUARTOS M 130 MAT

    4. Copper and bronze in art: corrosion, colorants, conservation - David A. Scott, Getty Conservation Institute 2002

      Book Recommended INST ARCH KEB 1 SCO

    5. Iron and steel in art: corrosion, colorants, conservation - David A. Scott, Gerhard Eggert 2009

      Book Recommended INST ARCH KEB 2 Qto SCO

    6. Metals and corrosion: a handbook for the conservation professional - Lyndsie Selwyn, Canadian Conservation Institute 2004

      Book Recommended INST ARCH KEB SEL

    7. Metallurgy - UC Davis Chemwiki - University of California Davis 2014

      Webpage Recommended Electronic Resource

  7. WEEK 6: Calcium carbonate, lime plaster and plaster of Paris: pH and acids/bases 6 items
    1. Chemistry and technology of lime and limestone - Robert Shaw Boynton 1980

      Book Recommended ENGINEERING QC 92 BOY

    2. The ageing of Plaster of Paris in relation to its equilibrium water-content - P. H. Dal, W. J. H. Berden 1965

      Chapter Recommended INST ARCH KD 2 STE p. 95-108

    3. Care and conservation of 17th century plasterwork in Scotland - Pat Gibbons, Stephen Newsom, Elizabeth Whitfield, Historic Scotland 2004

      Book Recommended Bartlett NA3690 .G53 2004

    4. Roman wall paintings in Cyprus: a scientific investigation of their technology - I. Kakoulli 1997

      Chapter Recommended INST ARCH KN 1 BEA p. 131-141

    5. The pH Scale - UC DavisChemwiki - University of California Davis 2014

      Webpage Recommended Electronic Resource

  8. WEEK 7: Site visit 1 item
    1. Floor Plans | Natural History Museum 2014, Natural History Museum

      Webpage Essential To be used for orientation purposes during site visit

  9. WEEK 8: Polymers: structure/orientation, adhesive binders, film formation and solubility 7 items
    1. Polymers in conservation - Norman S. Allen, Michele Edge, C. V. Horie, Manchester Polytechnic 1992

      Book Recommended INST ARCH JDE ALL

    2. Painting materials: a short encyclopaedia - Rutherford J. Gettens, George L. Stout 1966

      Book Recommended ART TD 10 GET

    3. Materials for conservation: organic consolidants, adhesives and coatings - C. V. Horie 2010

      Book Recommended INST ARCH JDE HOR

    4. The organic chemistry of museum objects - John S. Mills, Raymond White 1994

      Book Recommended INST ARCH JDB MIL

    5. Adhesives and coatings - Museums and Galleries Commission 1992

      Book Recommended INST ARCH JDE CRA

    6. Conservation of plastics: materials science, degradation and preservation - Yvonne Shashoua 2008

      Book Recommended INST ARCH LA SHA

  10. WEEK 9: Polymers: paper structure and manufacturing methods 7 items
    1. Effect of Relative Humidity on the Degradation Rate of Cellulose. Methodology Studies - A. Barański, D. Dutka, R. Dziembaj, A. Konieczna-Molenda 2004

      Article Recommended Electronic Journal

    2. Plant fibers for papermaking - Lilian A. Bell, Marcia Morse 1981

      Book Recommended INST ARCH KH BEL

    3. The history of the manufacture of printing ink from 1500-1900 with notes for the conservator - P. Dacus Hamm 1992

      Chapter Recommended INST ARCH KH Qto FAI p. 30-35

    4. Papermaking: the history and technique of an ancient craft - Dard Hunter 1978

      Book Recommended INST ARCH KH HUN

    5. Part 1: Paper and Printing - T. Tsien-Hsuin 1974

      Chapter Recommended INST ARCH DBL Series CHI 5/1

    6. The Deterioration of Newsprint and Implications for Its Preservation - C. S. Tumosa, D. Erhardt, K. Hufford, E. Quasney 2008

      Document Recommended Electronic Resource

  11. WEEK 10: Photography: structure, image layers 8 items
    1. A Brief History of Photography: Innovations in Chemistry - Bytesize Science - BytesizeScience 2012

      Audio-visual document Recommended Youtube Video

    2. Making a Tintype - George Eastman House 2011

      Audio-visual document Recommended Youtube Video

    3. Issues in the conservation of photographs - D. H. Norris, J. J. Gutierrez 2010

      Book Recommended ART T NOR

    4. Photographs of the past: process and preservation - Bertrand Lavédrine, Jean-Paul Gandolfo, John McElhone, Sibylle Monod 2009

      Book Recommended SCIENCE ARCHIVES K 11 LAV

    5. Early Photography: Making Daguerreotypes - The Getty Museum 2012

      Audio-visual document Recommended Youtube Video

    6. Cyanotype: the history, science and art of photographic printing in Prussian blue - Mike Ware, Science Museum (Great Britain), National Museum of Photography, Film, and Television (Great Britain) 1999

      Book Recommended STORE 06--0215/121

    7. Cyanotypes: their history, chemistry, and conservation - M. Ware 1999

      Chapter Recommended SCIENCE ARCHIVES QUARTOS K 12.8 CLA

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