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  1. Introduction to algorithms - Cormen, Thomas H. c2009

    Book Recommended

  2. Logic - Hodges, Wilfrid 1977

    Book Recommended Cheap and accessible.

  3. Algorithms - Sedgewick, Robert, Wayne, Kevin Daniel c2011

    Book Recommended

  4. Algorithms in C++ - Sedgewick, Robert 1992

    Book Recommended

  5. Discrete mathematics for computer scientists - Truss, J. K. 1999

    Book Recommended Covers much of COMP1002, COMP1004, COMP2008 and probably MATH6301.

  6. N.B. Wikipedia has some excellent pages on Logic, Propositional Logic and Predicate Logic.

  7. Discrete mathematics with applications - Epp, Susanna S. c1995

    Book Recommended Covers much of COMP1002, COMP1004, COMP2008 and MATH6301. Accessible.

  8. Discrete mathematics - Johnsonbaugh, Richard, London Mathematical Society c2005

    Book Recommended Covers much the same material as the one above. Seems quite easy to read.

  9. Discrete mathematics for computing - Grossman, Peter 2009

    Book Recommended Easy to read.

  10. Introductory logic and sets for computer scientists - Nissanke, Nimal 1999

    Book Recommended I haven't read this yet, but its been recommended to me.

  11. What is the name of this book? - Raymond M. Smullyan 1981

    Book Recommended This book is not held at UCL but is available at the British Library.

  12. First-order logic - Raymond M. Smullyan 1968

    Book Recommended

  13. Formal logic: its scope and limits - Richard C. Jeffrey 1967

    Book Recommended

  14. Mathematical logic and computability - Keisler, H. Jerome, Robbin, Joel W., Miller, Arnold W. c1996

    Book Recommended Tough but covers much. (Not held at UCL but available at the British Library).

  15. Bluff your way in Computers - Ainsley Robert 1999

    Book Recommended This is your last resort. Indispensible reading for your degree, even though it may not help you get through your examinations. (Not held at UCL but available at the British Library. See COPAC for details).

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