1. General 9 items
    1. Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 1988

      Webpage  This is the UK Government's official legislation database. It is updated but quite slowly so it may not include the latest changes. Alternative versions which may be more current can be found on Westlaw and LexisLibrary under E-resources on the Library pages of the UCL website

    2. IPO Copyright notices 2014

      Webpage  The Intellectual Property Office publishes "Copyright notices" giving guidance on specific topics.

    3. Copyright for archivists and users of archives - Timothy Padfield 2004

      Book  Archivists, librarians and records managers are the target audience but it is a useful and accessible source. Not the latest pubished edition.

    4. Copyright User

      Website  Recently created website with lots of accessible material explaining copyright.

    5. The Public Domain Review

      Website  Website which curates interesting material in various media (including images, text and audio) which are in the "public domain", that is no longer protected by copyright.

    6. UK Copyright Literacy | Decoding copyright and bringing you enlightenment

      Website  The UK Copyright Literacy site carries lots of clear explanatory material about copyright and other resources including blog posts. It is run by Chris Morrison of the University of Kent.

    7. Directive on copyright in the digital single market | Legislative train schedule | European Parliament

      Webpage  For those interested in the new EU Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market (DSM) this is a uaeful and accessible visual representation of the Directive's progress through the legislative process. It also includes useful links.

    8. Copyright Cortex

      Webpage  A rich online resource about the nature and history of copyright, including an open access e-book by Professor Ronan Deazley. Aimed primarily at library, archives and museum professionals but also of much wider interest.

  2. Academics / Authors/ Teaching staff 2 items
    1. SHERPA/RoMEO - Publisher copyright policies & self-archiving

      Webpage  Useful website for authors: Look up and compare the copyright policies of specific journals with respect to self archiving your submitted papers in open access repositories. A service provided by Jisc.

  3. Creative Commons Licences 2 items
    1. About The Licenses - Creative Commons

      Webpage  This is the explanation of CC licences and the underlying legal agreements on the Creative Commons website.

    2. Creative Commons Kiwi 5/7/2011

      Audio-visual document  Useful video from New Zealand explaining how Creative Commons licences work

  4. Images, Photographs and Copyright 16 items
    1. TinEye Reverse Image Search

      Website  Enables you to search across the internet for occurences of specific images. Useful for exploring the copyright status and ownership of an image.

    2. Wellcome Images

      Website  A good source of images some of which are licensed for re-use.

    3. Freepik

      Website  Freepik offers images which are free to reuse. One must be sure to adhere to their terms and conditions, which are explained on the site. Includes links to other sites which charge a modest fee for reusing images

    4. Free Images - Free Stock Photos

      Webpage  This site offers images which are licensed for reuse free of charge. It is important to follow the terms and conditions, which include linking back to the Free images website.

    5. Creative Commons Search

      Website  Searches for material on popular websites which is licenced for reuse by Creative Commons licences. This includes image-sharing sites such as Flickr and Google images.

    6. CC Search prototype

      Website  Searches for Creative Commons licensed images across sites which are rich in artistic images including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Rijksmuseum and Flickr.

    7. Can I Use an Image from the Internet? How to Credit the Source?

      Webpage  Thought provoking flowchart from Digital Inspiration which may help you to make judgements about reusing images and adequately crediting the creators of images.

    8. WorldImages - California State University

      Website  Large collection of images organised by topic offered for reuse under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial licence (CC-BY-NC).

    9. Morguefile free photographs for commercial use

      Website  This website offers photographs which can be used free of charge under the terms of the Morguefile licence. They also offer a separate fee-charging subscription service.

    10. Unsplash | Free High-Resolution Photos

      Website  Unsplash offers photographs under a "Creative Commons Zero" licence but they encourage crediting the photographer and linking to their website when reusing a photograph.

    11. Gratisography: Free high-resolution photos

      Website  This website offers photographs by Ryan McGuire which can be reused under his own licence terms.

    12. PhotoPin - Photographs licensed under Creative Commons licences

      Website  Photopin offers photographs from Flickr which have a Creative Commons licence attached. If you reuse them you must adhere to the terms of the specific CC licence. The site also offers "premium" photographs for a fee.

    13. Wikimedia Commons

      Webpage  Wikimedia Commons contains a wide range of photographs which are reusable under a specific Creative Commons licence as well as some older photographs which are no longer protected by copyright.

    14. Pixabay

      Webpage  Pixabay offers images for reuse under the "Creative Commons Zero" (CC 0), which does not require crediting the photographer. Commercial use is permitted. You should still look carefully at the terms of use.

    15. Google Images

      Website  Google images can be used to search across many websites for photos etc you can reuse. Search your topic then go to "tools" on the horizontal menu and select "usage rights" to find images which are licensed for reuse. You should always check the details of the specific images you have chosen.

  5. MOOCS, UCL eXtend and non-traditional learners 2 items
    1. For more details see a reading list on 'Supporting non-traditional students':


  6. Music and Copyright 6 items
    1. Creative Commons Search

      Website  This website enables you to search popular websites for material which is licenced for reuse by a Creative Commons licence. It includes music sites such as Jamendo.

    2. mobygratis

      Website  Source of music by the musician Moby which can be reused without permission for non-commercial projects.

    3. Audio Network - Quality Production Music for TV, Film, Video & Advertising

      Website  100,000 pieces of music which are cleared to be reused without permisssion

    4. Free Music

      Webpage  This is a hub with links to various sites offering royalty-free music for your projects. Some sites require registration and in some cases a payment.

    5. -

      Website  Source of recorded sounds (including music but also many other sounds) licensed for reuse mainly under Creative Commons licences.

  7. Online Training 3 items
    Free training resources from external organisations which you may find useful.
    1. IP Tutor

      Webpage  Accessible online training in copyright and other intellectual property rights from the UK Intellectual Property Office.

    2. Open Educational Resources 1 item
  8. Open Science and Copyright 1 item
    1. Zenodo - Research. Shared.

      Website  Zenodo is a useful resource for discussions of icensing and copyright matters in relation to Open Science initiatives. Funded by CERN and OpenAIRE. Also very relevant to open software

  9. Seeking Permission and Tracing Ownership 4 items
    1. The WATCH File: Writers, Artists and Their Copyright Holders

      Webpage  The WATCH database is very useful for tracking down the copyright ownership of the works of well-known authors and artists. The related FOB database can be used to trace the current owners of defunct publishing firms.

    2. TinEye Reverse Image Search

      Website  Tin Eye is useful for tracing the copyright status and ownership of an image by searching for occurencies of the image on websites.

    3. PLSclear

      Website  This is an online rights clearance service for published material. It is offered by the Publishers' Licensing Society (PLS) which represents a large proportion of UK publishers. It may be particularly relevant if you are clearing rights for inclusion in a publication. There will be a fee to pay for clearance.

    4. The Society of Authors: Author search

      Webpage  The Society of Authors is a useful source of information when you need to make contact with an author to seek copyright permission.

  10. Software: Copyright and licences 1 item
    1. Open Source Initiative

      Website  Useful guide to open source licences which are available to license your software.

  11. Students and IPR 1 item
    1. UCL Student IPR Policy

      Webpage  This is the UCL Policy on copyright and other types of IP rights in students' work.

  12. Teaching Copyright 2 items
    1. Copyright User – Education & Schools

      Webpage  Online teaching materials geared to A level students, offered by the Copyright User website.

  13. Other 2 items
    1. Other resources include UCL reading lists relating to copyright - taught by the Laws faculty...

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