1. Case studies 3 items
    1. Applying six principles of effective curriculum design in a first year essay feedback / assessment cycle - Gerry Rayner, Colleen Cridland 2009

      Document  Looks at essay writing in Biology.

  2. Resources for staff 4 items
    1. Writing without teachers - Elbow, Peter c1998


  3. Resources for students 5 items
    1. The elements of style - Strunk, William, White, E. B. c2000

      Book Suggested for student purchase

    2. Writing at university: a guide for students - Creme, Phyllis, Lea, Mary R. 2008

      Book Recommended

    3. Writing for academic success - Craswell, Gail, Poore, Megan c2012

      Book  Primarily for postgraduate study

    4. Critical reading and writing for postgraduates - Wallace, Mike, Wray, Alison 2011

      Book  Primarily for postgraduate study

    5. The blue book of grammar and punctuation - Jane Straus 2008


  4. Pedagogy 3 items
    1. The impact of students' approaches to essay writing on the quality of their essays - David Smith, Jennifer Campbell, Ross Brooker Sep 1999


    2. Contrasting conceptions of essay-writing - Dai Hounsell 1997


    3. Conditions under which assessment supports students' learning - Graham Gibbs, Claire Simpson 2004

      Article Recommended

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