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Name Code Type
Anatomy Learning Resource ANATOMYL Module
Clinical Communication Skills MBBSCOMM Module
iBSc Paediatrics and Child Health UBIMEDWCHH01 Programme
MBBS Final Year GP Assistantship MBBSFINAL Module
MBBS SSC (Student Selected Components) MBBSSSC Module
MBBS11101: Foundations of Health and Medical Practice (FHMP) MBBS11101 Module
MBBS11103: Infection and Defence (I&D) MBBS11103 Module
MBBS11104: Circulation and Breathing (C&B) MBBS11104 Module
MBBS11106: Fluids, Nutrition and Metabolism (FNM) MBBS11106 Module
MBBS22101: Movement and Musculoskeletal Biology (MMB) MBBS22101 Module
MBBS22103: Neuroscience and Behaviour (N&B) MBBS22103 Module
MBBS22109: Endocrine Systems and Reproduction (ESR) MBBS22109 Module
MBBS22110: Genetics, Development and Cancer MBBS22110 Module
MBBS43106: Introduction and Orientation Module - Integrated Clinical Care MBBS43106 Module
MBBS43114: MBBS Year 4 Module A: Acute Medicine, Cardiology and Respiratory Medicine, Vascular Surgery, Liaison Psychiatry, Preparation for Practice MBBS43114 Module
MBBS43115: Year 4 Module B: Movement and Digestive Health MBBS43115 Module
MBBS43116: MBBS Year 4 Module C: Neurology, Endocrinology, Nephrology, Infectious Disease and Haematology MBBS43116 Module
MBBS54102: Life Cycle A: Child and Family Health with Dermatology (CFHD) MBBS54102 Module
MBBS54103: Women's Health and Men's Health MBBS54103 Module
MBBS5CORE: MBBS Year 5 Core Reading List MBBS5CORE Module
MBBSCore: MBBS Core list MBBSCORE Module
MBBSY1CPP: MBBS Year 1 Clinical & Professional Practice MBBSY1CPP Module
MBBSY2CPP: MBBS Year 2 Clinical & Professional Practice MBBSY2CPP Module
MBBSY2UMP: Use of Medicines - Part 1 Pharmacology course MBBSY2UMP Module

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