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Name Code Type
Anatomy Learning Resource ANATOMYL Module
Clinical Communication Skills MBBSCOMM Module
MBBS Final Year GP Assistantship MBBSFINAL Module
MBBS Final Year SSC: Evidence into Practice: Quality Improvement MBBSSSC Module
MBBS11101: Foundations of Health and Medical Practice (FHMP) MBBS11101 Module
MBBS11103: Infection and Defence (I&D) MBBS11103 Module
MBBS11104: Circulation and Breathing (C&B) MBBS11104 Module
MBBS11106: Fluids, Nutrition and Metabolism (FNM) MBBS11106 Module
MBBS22101: Movement and Musculoskeletal Biology (MMB) MBBS22101 Module
MBBS22103: Neuroscience and Behaviour (N&B) MBBS22103 Module
MBBS22104: Endocrine Systems and Regulation (ESR) MBBS22104 Module
MBBS22106: Reproduction, Development and Genetics (RDG) MBBS22106 Module
MBBS22107: Cancer Biology (CB) MBBS22107 Module
MBBS4121: Clinical Neurosciences (CN) MBBS4121 Module
MBBS4131: Women's Health and Communicable Diseases (WHCD) MBBS4131 Module
MBBS43106: Introduction and Orientation Module - Integrated Clinical Care (IOM) MBBS43106 Module
MBBS43114: Module A - Respiratory, Community, Acute Medicine and Liaison Psychiatry MBBS43114 Module
MBBS43115: Movement and Digestive Health MBBS43115 Module
MBBS43116: Metabolic, Neurology and Haematology MBBS43116 Module
MBBS54116: Life Cycle A: Child and Family Health with Dermatology (CFHD) MBBS54116 Module
MBBS5CORE: MBBS Year 5 Core Reading List MBBS5CORE Module
MBBSCore: MBBS Core list MBBSCORE Module
MBBSY1VM: : MBBS Year 1 Vertical Modules MBBSY1VM Module
MBBSY2UM: Use of Medicines - Part 1 Pharmacology course MBBSY2UM Module
MBBSY2VM: MBBS Year 2 Vertical Modules MBBSY2VM Module

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